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Braille Brain: UEB Foundation

Unit 1: Braille Letters and Numbers

Unit 2: Alphabetic Wordsigns

Unit 3: Strong Contractions (and, for, of, the, with), Capital and Ending Punctuation

Unit 4: Math Signs of Operation and Comparison

Unit 5: Single Cell Punctuation and Shortform Words

Unit 6: Strong Groupsigns (ch, sh, th, wh, ou, st), Wordsigns, and Shortform Words

Unit 7: Strong Groupsigns (ar, er, ed, gh, ow, ing) and Shortform Words

Unit 8: Modes: Contracted, Uncontracted, and Grade 1 Indicator

Unit 9: Initial-Letter Contractions: Dot 5 Indicator

Unit 10: Fractions, Mixed Numbers, and Slashes and Grouping Signs

Unit 11: Two-Cell Punctuation and Shortform Words

Unit 12: More Initial-Letter Contractions: Dots 4-5 Indicator and Dot 4-5-6 Indicator

Unit 13: Typeform Mode, Passage Mode

Unit 14: Lower Wordsigns (his, was, were, be, in, enough) and Shortform Words

Unit 15: Lower Groupsigns (be, con, dis, ea, bb, cc, ff, gg, in, en) and Shortform Words

Unit 16: Shapes, Omissions, and Geometric Symbols

Unit 17: Final-letter Groupsigns: Dots 4-6 Indicator, Dot 5-6 Indicator

Unit 18: Less Common Math Symbols and Spatial Math

Unit 19: Less Common Punctuation Symbols and Roman Numerals

Unit 20: Braille Specific Symbols and Formatting

Unit 21: Brain Boost Extras