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Six Key Input

Braille uses a six key system for writing braille. On some keyboards, it is possible to use six designated keys to serve as braille input keys.

The designated keys are s, d, and f for dots 3, 2, and 1 respectively and j, k, and l for dots 4, 5, and 6.

If you are not using a refreshable braille display with input keys or if you are a sighted user wanting to use your QWERTY keyboard for braille input, you may wish to use the six key input mode. Before you can, however, you must ensure your keyboard is capable of sending multiple keys at once (not all keyboards are.) See this Wikipedia article on the subject.

To test your keyboard, focus on the edit box below and press all six of the braille input keys (sdfjkl).

If your keyboard supports the feature, this page will disappear, and the Braille Brain site will begin accepting input with six keys. The site remembers your selection from session to session, and you can see it expects input this way, because the Six Key Input button is checked. To turn it off, uncheck the Six Key Input button on the home page of Braille Brain.

If your keyboard does not work with this feature, you will not be able to enter the answers in Braille Brain.