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The School Play ATOS 6.6

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The School Play

Nico sprinted out of his classroom and nearly ran straight into the superintendent. After that he managed to walk most of the way to the school auditorium. Today, Mr. Shank, the drama teacher, was assigning roles in the school play. Last year, Nico didn't hurry and though he did get a part in the play, he didn't get the part of the Giant or Jack. He had been a bean. Not just an ordinary bean his mom had told him, a magical bean. The memories of that play still made Nico shudder with embarrassment. He was determined to never play a bean or any other vegetable again.

Mr. Shank invited the students to sit in a big circle on the stage. They had to beat the ground around them like thunder, next like lightning, and lastly like a gentle rain. They roared like tigers, squeaked and scurried like rodents, and swung their arms like chimpanzees. Next up, Mr. Shank asked everyone to shout out their favorite fairy tale. Nico and his team of three friends had 60 seconds to act out 'The Three Little Pigs.’ Nico as the big bad wolf roared and thumped around the stage trying to demolish the homes and gobble up the pigs. Nico wished that every day at school was this fun. At the end of tryouts, Mr. Shanks gave everybody a slip of paper with their part on it. Nico wondered what role he had been given and eagerly felt his paper. It had one word on it-Romeo. Nico thought that maybe playing a bean last year wasn't so bad.

{MC æ 10 æ ,at ! 5d ( ! /ory1 :y did ,nico ?9k

play+ a b1n wasn't s bad8 æ ,nico 0 emb>rass$ to play ,romeo4 æ ,nico lik$ vegetables4 æ,niko lik$ hav+ a role ) few l9es4 æ ,nico lik$ fairy tales4 æ,nico 0 emb>rass$ to play ,romeo4 }

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