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The First Battle ATOS 6.5

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The First Battle

On April 19, 1775 British troops marched to Lexington. Lexington was a small town in Massachusetts. The British troops had been sent there to arrest Samuel Adams and John Hancock. At the time, the American colonies belonged to Great Britain. These men wanted the colonies to be independent. The British King George kept raising taxes in the colonies. There was nothing the people could do about it because they were not represented in the British parliament. The British believed that Adams and Hancock were dangerous and wanted them arrested. Paul Revere learned of the British plans and he rode all night to warn the men and they escaped capture.

When the British arrived in Lexington, they were met by 70 minutemen. Minutemen were American soldiers who could be ready to fight in a minutes notice. These armed men met the British soldiers on the village green. The American men were led by Captain John Parker. A shot was heard. No one knows who fired but the British then began firing on the Americans. Eight Americans were killed and ten were wounded. Later in the day, the British marched on to the town of Concord where they were met by a much larger force. This was the beginning of the American Revolution.

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