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Captain Longbeard's Men ATOS 6.6

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Captain Longbeard's Men

Captain Longbeard and his crew of cut-throat pirates were feared throughout the world. There wasn't a treasure they hadn't plundered or a ship they hadn't boarded. Why it was said that the crew never had to draw their cutlasses as sailors were so frightened of them that they simply gave up. This wasn't any source of fun for the pirates as they didn't want crews to simply give up. They wanted them to put up a good fight and launch a cannon ball or two.

"Why we haven't even made a sailor walk the plank in years," said Pirate Jolly.

And he was right. Sailors simply jumped off on their own!

"I think it would be more exciting to be a gardener," spat Pirate Roger. "Than be on this ship on the dull, dull sea."

Captain Longbeard knew he had to do something before he had a mutiny on his hands. He conspired with parrot Polly who knew a thing or two about mutinies and decided to come up with a marvelous adventure for the bored pirates. They would give the crew such as good time that no one would think of deserting ship or becoming a gardener. The very word sent shivers up Captain Longbeard's wooden leg.

A few weeks later, it was a moonless night and the sea was as smooth as glass. A slight breeze ruffled the ship's sails and Captain Longbeard knew it was time to put his terrible plan into action. He gave Polly the signal and she flew off into the night. Then, Captain Longbeard rang the warning bell and shouted for his men to wake up for off the starboard bow was a ghost ship! The men rushed forward but could not see it, though they peered into the darkness. The Captain held up his finger for sound was heard followed by a sharp crack! A few of the younger pirates fainted for they had never encountered a ghost ship. Pirate Jolly was certain he saw a massive shadow looming in the distance. Pirate Roger was certain that the ghosts had already boarded for he swore he heard the sound of running feet on deck.

"There is a ghostly galleon coming directly for us!" yelled Captain Longbeard. "Arm the cannons!"

The cannons were fired in rapid succession but still the ghostly ship approached. Captain Longbeard ordered the men to steer the ship directly at the ghost ship. The pirates shook in their rotten boots but they didn't dare disobey the Captain. The sounds became deafening and just when the pirates thought they couldn't stand it, there was silence.

"Scoundrels!" Captain Longbeard called. "You have defeated the ghostly galleon!"

The pirates let out a terrific roar and celebrated long into the night. No one had noticed Polly fly back to the ship. Captain Longbeard closed his cabin door, he and Polly had a good chuckle over their trick.

"Maybe next time, I will be a sea monster," said Polly.

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