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Alert ATOS 6.3

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Can you imagine living in a town where the permanent population is zero? Welcome to Alert, the northern most community in Canada. Alert is located on the northeastern tip of Ellesmere Island. It is only 508 miles from the North Pole! The nearest city is Iqaluit, the capital of Nunavut. The town was named after a British ship called the HMS Alert which spent the winter there from 1875 to 1876. There is a weather station and a military station here. Only military or researchers come to Alert.

The terrain of Alert includes rolling hills, steep ravines and high cliffs. As Alert is so far north, snow covers the land ten months of the year. The ground is frozen during this time so there is very little vegetation. The average temperature is minus 17.7 degrees Celsius. Brrrrrrr! The warmest month in Alert is July but you won't need shorts or a t-shirt. The temperature only creeps up to 3 degrees Celsius! As Alert is so close to the Arctic Circle it has a period of full daylight and full darkness. There is no night time from April to September.

{MC æ 10 æ ,2ss a w1!r /a;n1 :at is 9 ,al]t8 æ a bank æ a groc]y /ore æ a milit>y /a;n æ n"o ( ! abv æ a milit>y /a;n}

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