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The Wiz Kids ATOS 6.1

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The Wiz Kids

"Imagine using all your brain power," Mike said to me.

I wasn't sure what to say. Mike's nickname was 'the brain' because there wasn't anything that he didn't know. Mike loved studying facts about airplanes and current events. He read the newspaper like I studied player's statistics. While I was out playing baseball or dreaming of a contract with a Major League Baseball team, Mike was probably dreaming of being accepted into every Ivy League school in the country. Mike and I were very different, we were still good friends.

Mike told me that his team 'The Wiz Kids' was competing this weekend but one of their members was sick and they needed someone to fill in. I didn't understand why there wasn't an alternate but then I learned that the alternate was sick too. There was also a Debate Club contest this weekend so pretty much I was Mike's last resort.

"So how many kids did you ask before you decided to ask me?" I said.

Mike didn't answer but I assumed that the number was pretty high. There was no way I was going to be on a team. I didn't know much about science, technology or engineering. Mike told me not to worry as the team didn't actually need me to answer any questions. They just needed to have the correct number of players.

On the day of the contest, I drove with Mike and his mom to the university where the event was being held. I had never seen Mike so nervous but I was relaxed. I found the competition pretty exciting. I listened to the questions and was surprised that I knew quite a few of the answers. The team made it to the last round and the score was tied. The team decided to try and answer a wild card which could be on any subject from science to general knowledge. I couldn't believe my ears as they were asked a baseball question! The rest of the team was stumped but I knew the answer. My hand hit the buzzer and I answered correctly. Mike and the rest of the team were thrilled. They offered me a spot on the team and I just might take them up on it but only in offseason.

{MC æ 10 æ ,:o says1 8,s h[ _m kids did y ask 2f y \u{e000} decid$ to ask me80 æ dad æ mom æ ! au?or æ ,mike æ ! au?or}

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