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The Creepy House Atos 5.5

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The Creepy House

Nicola was not happy to move and she was even unhappier once she saw the home. Her mother had said it had character and that it needed a little work. Her father said that it was a historical home and with a little elbow grease, it would be looking like a jewel. Now, Nicola seriously wondered what house her parents had been talking about. Nicola stood outside number one Transylvania Drive with its broken gate, squeaking back and forth in the breeze. She looked at the broken cobblestone drive leading up to a massive black door. All the windows of the house were covered in thick grime as if no one had washed them in centuries. What Nicola at first thought were birds circling around the chimney were bats!

"Isn't it lovely?" her mother exclaimed.

Nicola bit her tongue hard and secretly thought about how she was going to ask, no beg her grandmother to let her come and stay with her. Nicola followed her parents into the house. There wasn't a spot not covered in cobwebs or thick dust. Nicola decided to go and find her room which her mother informed her was at the top landing and to the right. With every step that Nicola took her stomach flipped. Every squeak seemed to say 'Go home while you can!' Nicola cautiously opened the door. She was pleasantly surprised to find the room bathed in warm sunlight. Nicola rushed over to a large window. From it she had a view of the garden and the house next door. As she gazed out of the window, she caught sight of her neighbor. It was a boy about her age with black hair. He was hanging upside down from a tree in his yard but still noticed her. He quickly righted himself and waved. Nicola waved back and thought that she would go out to meet him.

"I am just going next door," Nicola told her parents.

Nicola soon learned that the boy next door was the same age and that they would be going to the same school. Nicola thought that just maybe, the new house wasn't so bad after all.

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