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Roberto Clemente ATOS 5.2

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Roberto Clemente

Roberto Clemente is one of the most famous baseball players from Puerto Rico. He was born on August 18, 1934. He was the youngest of four children. Roberto loved baseball but his family could not afford to buy him a baseball or a bat. When he was young he used a broom and an old sock. Still, Roberto dreamed of becoming a baseball player on an American team.

Roberto was a gifted athlete who excelled at track but his best sport was baseball. He could hit and throw and catch. Soon, people were talking about how good a player he was. In 1955, the owner of the Pittsburgh Pirates heard about Roberto and asked him to join his team. Roberto helped his team win two World Series. He became a role model for Latin American people. He opened a sports center in Puerto Rico for children. He enjoyed helping people.

In 1972, a devastating earthquake hit the country of Nicaragua killing many and leaving more homeless. Countries sent food and aid. Roberto Clemente wanted to help. He worked hard to find clothing, food and medical supplies for the people. Then he chartered a plane and a pilot and they took off. People warned him that the weather was bad but Roberto had made up his mind. Sadly, the plane crashed and he died. Roberto is remembered as a great hero.

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