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The Haunted House ATOS 5.0

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The Haunted House

Twin Rivers Elementary school was putting on a haunted house fundraiser. The school planned to buy books for their library with the money raised. This year Class 6B was in charge. Rachel was very excited. She had suggested the theme, "A Haunted School." She was also on the activities committee so she had lots of ideas. Her teacher Mrs. Carter told the committee that there could be no violence and no weapons. After school Rachel learned that she had been assigned to think of scary ideas for the grade four class. Rachel brainstormed with her best friend Devon at his house. Devon's favorite holiday was Halloween.

Devon told Rachel that they should create a gross out box. It would be divided into six sections. Each section would have in it a different kind of food. The children had to put a hand in the box and guess what it was. Rachel thought this sounded awesome. Devon found a large box in his basement which would be perfect for the gross out box. Rachel cut holes in the side, big enough for a hand to fit in. Now they had to decide which foods to use.

"Cold spaghetti for worms," said Rachel.

"Peeled grapes for eyeballs," said Devon.

Rachel opened the refrigerator and discovered a jar of pickles. She thought these would make great witches fingers. The bumps could be warts. But what could she make the fingernails out of? Raisins didn't work and neither did peanuts as they just kept falling off. Then Rachel tried the peanut shells which worked perfectly. The last three spots were filled quickly. Peeled tomatoes became hearts, popcorn became cockroaches, and dried apple slices became ears. Rachel and Devon could hardly wait for the children to reach in the box.

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