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Unit 9 Greek Letters in Nemeth Code

Greek letters are commonly used in math and science. When they appear in technical material, they are considered mathematical symbols and are punctuated using Nemeth Code rules.

When the Greek letter indicator immediately precedes a letter or a capitalized letter, the letter is read as a Greek letter (rather than as a decimal point). The italics often used with Greek letters is disregarded unless there is further mathematical significance for the typeface.

Greek Letter Indicator

The effect of the Greek letter indicator extends only to the letter it precedes; therefore, each letter must have its own indicator.

Here is a list of some commonly used Greek letters and Greek capital letters.

Lowercase Capital
Alpha α ⠨⠁ Α ⠨⠠⠁
Beta β ⠨⠃ Β ⠨⠠⠃
Gamma γ ⠨⠛ Γ ⠨⠠⠛
Delta δ ⠨⠙ Δ ⠨⠠⠙
Theta θ ⠨⠹ Θ ⠨⠠⠹
Pi π ⠨⠏ Π ⠨⠠⠏
Sigma σ ⠨⠎ Σ ⠨⠠⠎
Phi φ ⠨⠋ Φ ⠨⠠⠋
Omega ω ⠨⠺ Ω ⠨⠠⠺

Note: The following 4 examples are written entirely in Nemeth Code and the code switch indicators have been omitted.


Solve for angle θ.


* Notice that the punctuation indicator must be used after a Greek letter because it is considered a numeric symbol.

m=ΔyΔxm = \frac{\mathrm{\Delta}y}{\mathrm{\Delta}x}


* Notice that the Greek letter indicator precedes the capital letter indicator.


* Notice that, just as with the ELI, the Greek letter indicator’s affect only extends to the next letter. Each letter must have its own indicator.

{ γ, δ, σ, ω}


* Notice that the indicator for curly brackets (4-6) is not the Greek letter indicator.

If a Greek letter is being used in a mathematical context, there must be a Nemeth Code switch, even if the technical information falls into a narrative text. These examples include Nemeth Code switching.


The Greek letter pi = 3.14…


Theta (θ) refers to the rate of decline.


ab=φ\frac{a}{b} = \varphi


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Full list of Greek Letters

Alpha ⠨⠁
Beta ⠨⠃
Gamma ⠨⠛
Delta ⠨⠙
Epsilon ⠨⠑
Zeta ⠨⠵
Eta ⠨⠱
Theta ⠨⠹
Iota ⠨⠊
Kappa ⠨⠅
Lambda ⠨⠇
Mu ⠨⠍
Nu ⠨⠝
Xi ⠨⠭
Omicron ⠨⠕
pi ⠨⠏
Rho ⠨⠗
Sigma ⠨⠎
Tau ⠨⠞
Upsilon ⠨⠥
Phi ⠨⠋
Chi ⠨⠯
psi ⠨⠽
Omega ⠨⠺

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