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Unit 3 Punctuation Indicator (PI)

Since Nemeth numbers are written in the lower part of the cell and occupy the same space as common punctuation marks, a punctuation indicator (dots 4-5-6) is used before a symbol of punctuation to distinguish it from a numeral. The punctuation indicator (PI) terminates the effect of the numeric indicator.

Punctuation Indicator

The following signs of punctuation require a PI, or they could be misinterpreted as a numeral or other symbol.

Semicolon (;)
Colon (:)
Period (.)
Exclamation Point (!)
Question Mark (?)
Opening Quotation Marks (")
Closing Quotation Marks (")
Apostrophe (')

Note: Both the opening quotation mark (") and question mark (?) are dots 2-3-6. The opening quotation mark is always used at the beginning of a word and the question mark is always used at the end of a word, therefore, location determines the braille meaning.


4x4 = x; x =


12:00 – 15 min. = ?


* Notice that the number sign is used before the 00 to terminate the effects of the PI. Otherwise it might be read as 12: " ".

1. 5+5 =


* Notice that without the PI #1(period) would say #14



* Notice that without the PI this would say $26



* Notice that without the PI this would say $258

"2, 4, 6, 8, 10"


* Notice that the opening quotation mark does not require a PI because it cannot be confused for another symbol. Also notice that the closing quotation mark requires a PI or the number would be read as 100.

1’s, 5’s, 10’s


459; how many 10’s


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