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Unit 21 Basic Nemeth Code Formatting

All technical material transcribed in Nemeth Code is formatted according to Nemeth Code rules. When Nemeth Code transcription is embedded in literary narration, the surrounding non-technical material is transcribed in UEB literary code. The text is formatted according to Nemeth Code formatting rules including the parts of the text that may be transcribed in UEB.

Front Matter

The title page, supplemental title pages, page numbers, transcriber’s notes page, and special symbols page are all written in UEB and are not considered part of the technical text.

Narrative Paragraphs

In Nemeth Code formatting, each new paragraph is indented two cells to the right and begins in cell 3. Runovers to the next line default to cell 1.

Displayed Expression

When a math expression is set apart on a line by itself for purposes of example or display, it is called a displayed expression. A displayed expression begins in cell 3 and runovers to the next line default to cell 5.


(Narrative Paragraph)




(Displayed Expression)



Itemized Material

When a text is listed by number or letter identifiers, it is called itemized material. In a list of itemized material, identifiers (numbers or letters) begin in cell 1 and runovers default to cell 3.


(Itemized Material)





If a text of itemized material has more than one level, the main division begins in cell 1 with runovers defaulting to cell 5, and next subdivision begins in cell 3 with runovers defaulting to cell 5.


(Itemized Material with Subdivisions)






Instructions for a list of itemized material begin in cell 5 and runover to the next line default to cell 3. There must be a blank line above a set of instructions but not below.


Find the sums and round to the nearest tenth. Remember that the tenths place is one space to the right of the decimal.

1. 25.69+2.5 =

2. 102.26+35.27 =

3. 59.14+32.349 =








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