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Unit 1 Intro to Nemeth Code

Nemeth Code is a braille code for math and science notation that was developed to allow technical material to be read in braille. Nemeth Code is used when material is written in technical notation for math, science, physics, and chemistry. When mathematical or scientific material is embedded in literary narration, it is used in conjunction with the UEB literacy code. It is not typically used when simple math terms (simple fractions, monetary signs, etc.) occur within a literary text.

Nemeth Code switch indicators are used to identify shifts between Nemeth and UEB braille codes. No grade 2 braille contractions are used within Nemeth Code transcription; all words are written in grade 1, uncontracted form.

Nemeth Numbers

Nemeth braille numbers follow the same pattern as used in UEB literary braille, except that after the numeric indicator, the braille letters a through j are written in the lower 4 dots of the cell (dots 2,3,5,6) rather than the upper 4 dots of the cell (dots 1,2,4,5).

Numeric Indicator (#)
⠼⠂ ⠼⠆ ⠼⠒ ⠼⠲ ⠼⠢ ⠼⠖ ⠼⠶ ⠼⠦ ⠼⠔ ⠼⠴
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0








Punctuation with Nemeth Numbers

The following symbols are used together with Nemeth numbers. They do NOT terminate the effect of the numeric indicator and no space is left between them and their related number. The numeric indicator is not repeated after the sign of punctuation as it is in UEB.

Mathematical Comma (,)
Decimal Point (.)
Hyphen (-)
Prime (’)
Double Prime (’’) ⠄⠄
Percent (%) ⠈⠴
Cents (¢) ⠈⠉
Dollar ($) ⠈⠎
Capital Letter








Room 5-b


Pages 12-15










Dollar Sign

The dollar sign is placed in front of the number, just like in print. The numeric indicator is not used after the dollar sign symbol because it is understood that the following cell contains a number.







In Nemeth Code, the effect of the capital letter indicator only affects the letter it precedes. Each capitalized letter must have its own indicator.


Size 2X-L


ABC to 1 2 3


angle FG


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