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Unit 10 Typeform Indicators


Mathematics and other technical material often contain modified fonts for numbers, letters, or other symbols, such as bold, italics, script, or sanserif.

If the font modification is used simply as a visual device (such as variables that are written in italics) the typeface is disregarded because the modified font has no mathematical significance. However, when the modified font has mathematical significance, the typeface must be identified.

In Nemeth Code, the typeface is identified by placing a typeform indicator directly in front of the number, letter, or symbol that has been modified.

* Note: There is no underline typeform in Nemeth Code.

Typeform Indicators

Sanserif ⠠⠨

Typeforms with Numbers

When a number is modified by a typeform, the numeric indicator must be used. The typeform indicator is placed in front of the numeric indicator before a number or decimal.










Extent with Numbers

The typeform modification extends through each digit of the number until it reaches the next empty space or until its effect is terminated by:

1) a second numeric indicator






2) a different typeform indicator




* Notice that the bold typeform is terminated by the italic typeform.

The next two examples are presented between code switch indicators.

5 < 5.1 therefore 500 < 510


* Notice that the numeric indicator was used to terminate the effect of the bold indicator.

Find the place value of the numbers.

3,457; 3 = ?, 4 = ?


* Notice that the effect of the italics was terminated by the bold indicator, which was then terminated by a regular numeric indicator.

Typeforms with Letters

When a letter is modified by a typeform, the ELI must be used. The typeform indicator is placed in front of the ELI, before a letter.










Extent with Letters

The typeform modification extends only to the letter that immediately follows it. In a sequence of modified letters, each individual letter must be preceded by its own typeform indicator.


The next four examples are presented between code switch indicators.

angle def


Greatest Common Denominator of 78\frac{7}{8}, 910\frac{9}{10} = 2


triangle abc = triangle abc


Compare line EF to line EG.


Brain Boost

Although most modified words or phrases requiring a typeform modification will be transcribed in UEB, if an entire page is transcribed in Nemeth Code, the Nemeth Code indicators for modifying a word or phrase may be used.

Typeform for Words or Phrases

When it is mathematically significant to modify a word or phrase, the word or phrase is enclosed in a pair of opening and closing typeform indicators. This applies only to bold and italic. The word or phrase indicator for typeforms is dot 6, dot 3, and it is placed directly in front of the opening indicator and directly after the closing indicator. A space is left between the indicators and the word or phrase.

Word or Phrase Typeform Indicators

Opening/closing Boldface Indicator ⠠⠄⠸ ⠸⠠⠄
Opening/Closing Italic Indicator ⠠⠄⠨ ⠨⠠⠄


4x2+5x2 are combined because the x2’s = like terms



How many hours in one week? 1 d. = 24 hrs. 7x24 = ?



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